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In short

Reporting on all important customer contacts and actions
Recognize Reorganization / structural changes at the customer recognize
Investigation of market trends / trends and technologies
Organize Fairs and implementation including trade fair follow-up
On-site complaint handling

A sales service refers to services that help businesses effectively sell their products or services and increase revenue. These services can be provided by various providers and range from simple sales consultations to comprehensive sales solutions. Here are some common components of a sales service:

1. Sales consulting and training: Consulting and training of sales staff to improve their sales skills, develop sales strategies, and learn effective sales techniques.

2. Sales outsourcing: Outsourcing certain sales functions to external service providers, such as telemarketing, lead generation, customer support, or sales representation.

3. Sales strategy development: Developing tailored sales strategies that are customized to the specific goals, target audiences, and market requirements of a company.

4. Sales channel management: Managing and optimizing sales channels, including retail, wholesale, e-commerce, distribution partners, and direct sales.

5. Sales marketing and advertising: Developing marketing and advertising campaigns aimed at promoting the product or service, strengthening the brand, and increasing sales.

6. Sales analysis and reporting: Conducting analyses and creating reports to measure the success of sales activities, identify sales trends, and gain insights for future sales strategies.

An effective sales service can help companies achieve their sales goals, increase efficiency, and gain competitive advantages in the market.

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